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The 1967 Indy Pace Car is easily the most underrated and misunderstood of all the Camaro pace cars. Myths about them have become "false" facts as they've been repeated so often such as there are only 100, there were no manuals, they were all built in Norwood and the list goes on. .  

There are certainly more Z's and Yenkos out there.  There are scores who can recite the specs of the ZL1. Of course there are thousands of 69 Pace Cars, and the specifics of these cars are far more established and coveted than the 67 Pace Car.  We felt that at every turn there was misinformation and facts that were based on opinion throughout the entire spectrum of the 67 IPC's existence.  Facts about production, facts about use, facts about options all seem to have fallen by the wayside as the research went along. How was one to know if they were building their car correctly or adding to the urban legends? 


So here we have the site. It's a place were actual owners pool their knowledge and experience and share their knowledge on their vehicles, memorabilia, parts, documentation and personal opinions in the hope that we may well be able to establish some standards and general consensus to better help keep consistency with the actual cars. There are quite a few unfinished examples out there and we're hoping that this site will help all of us to restore our cars in a correct and consistent manner.

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